Best Friends Chapter 2

Best Friends Chapter 2

The first week after Dale and Ken left Carole moved in and we started our routine in hopes of staving off our want of our husbands. One evening as we were watching TV Carole turned the TV off and said: “ Savannah I have been thinking we should use this time wisely and maybe learn something so when the guys do set up their security business we can play a role.”

Tilting my head I asked: “What exactly are you thinking?”

She said: “I have been checking into what it takes to get a PI license. You need a background in criminal justice as a police officer or a degree. But there is another way and that is working for a licensed PI for up to 5 years. We have 4 years before the guys get back.”

I sat back trying to absorb what she was suggesting. We both have jobs that pay a couple of dollars above minimum wage so this may not be a pay cut.

Would it pay or would we just be free apprentices?” I asked

I checked with a local group. There are two out of an office next to the Catholic Church I approached Don Morris he said we would get paid per assignment.” Carole said

The next day we made an appointment for after work I told Carole it would be nice to be able to do the assignments before or after work. We figured we could arrange our work schedule to accommodate this new venture.

Dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt we sat in the waiting room for about 10 minutes before the door opened to Don’s office.

Ladies come in.” Don said as he motioned for us to sit on the love seat near his desk. There was another man standing to the left near the window he turned and smiled.

Don said: “This is my partner Jack Gibson he will also be handing out assignments. Your assignments will be benign, we will explain procedure especially how to complete your assignments legally.”

We each walked out of the office with an assignment, each assignment paid 20 dollars unless we get exceptional photographs of the person of interest.

My assignment was to find out if a Mr. James Campbell was cheating on his wife. Every Tuesday he is said to be meeting someone at the Carllie Hotel on Main street. We were told to be discrete but not told exactly how to attain photos of our suspect.

I waited in the coffee shop just inside the hotel James Campbell walked in wearing a three piece suit, he went directly to the front desk and walked away with a key card. I got in the elevator with him and saw him go into a room on the second floor. His window would be off the alley which runs alongside the hotel.

I hurried out into the alley, looking up trying to gage where the window would be. There was a dumpster under his window, I climbed atop of the dumpster and realized I would need one more thing to get me close enough to see inside the window. So far as I could see the curtain was still open. I found a plastic tub I threw it on top of the dumpster then used it for that extra I needed to look in. I was concentrating on Campbell I took a couple of shots of the woman on the bed and got off shot of Campbell as he undressed, he was just crawling on top of the woman when I took my last shot that is when I felt the dumpster move. I can not figure how I did not hear the garbage truck backing up. I stepped off the tub slipped and landed on my but as I slid off the dumpster into something that felt like pudding on the ground. When I stood up I realized it was not chocolate pudding but someone had deposited their personal waste there. Shit! Literally!

I scooted my body against the wall hoping to scrape off as much of the shit as I could without touching it with my hands or getting any on the camera. When I came out of the alley I bought a newspaper to set down on the seat of my car. I went home to shower and change before taking the camera back to the office.


Best Friends Chapter 1

Best Friends

Carole and I have been best friends since high school. Neither of us went for higher learning because we believed by the end of high school we knew everything we needed to know.

When I married Dale, Carole was my maid of honor when she married Ken I was her matron of honor. My wedding was a simple justice of the peace hers was a big bash with the church and reception. At Carole’s reception, we sat in the parking lot of the reception hall drinking wine and laughing about all the dumb things we did in high school.

Do you remember when we lured Kevin into the girl’s bathroom making him believe we would both be eager participants?” Carole asked

I remember the bathroom was filled with girls all hiding in the stalls and when Kevin pulled his pants down all the stall doors opened and the girls in unison said Oooooh Kevin!” I answered

We started to laugh remembering he ran out of the bathroom struggling to get his pants back up and was caught by the principal.

I think we were hard on him,” I said

No, we were not! When he lied to the guys about going all the way with Vanessa and she started to get all the phone calls and cat calls from the guys, he deserved the humiliation. We stepped in so he was not put on the list for perverts.” Carole said

I looked down at my glass and noticed something floating in it.

I yelled: “Oh my Gawd there is an ant floating in my wine!”

Carole laughed and said: “Darn I wish I would have gotten to know her before her untimely demise.”

I laughed and said: “Carole you’re weird!”

She nodded her head and said: “I know right?”

Both of our husbands had known each other from grade school, they understood Carole’s and my relationship. Dale and Ken had a similar connection they were both warriors at heart and they were constantly competing with each other.

One evening after work we were all sitting in the backyard drinking beer, decompressing. Dale was the one who broached the subject with us girls.

Girls, Ken and I want to talk to you about something we have decided we wanted to do. We both want to join the Marines.”

My beer was midway to my lips when I looked over at Dale, tears were stinging my eyes and I said: “Why?”

I love you Savannah, all I could think about was that I wanted to marry you. Now I am thinking about our future. In the Marines, I can learn more about defense and security, Ken and I want to start our own consulting firm one day. Being a Marine will be the beginning of our credentials.” Dale said

We know the money will not be the same as what we are bringing in right now but when we finish our 4-year tour things will change for the better if you girls will hold down the fort while we are gone you will see this is a good decision,” Ken said

I did not like it but at the end of the evening, I could tell they already made up their minds. The only good thing to come out of this was Carole moved in the house with me to help with the payments while the guys were gone.


Do I?

Do  I ?

Do I answer the call?

Do I give my all?

Do I stand in the gap?


Even when the call is obscured?

Even when the call is unpopular?

Even when I am demonized?


Do I stand my ground?

Do I risk my life?

Do I pray?


Even when the stand is unpopular?

Even when the risk is my life?

Even when I pray and the answer isn’t Popular?


60’s we were cursed!

Later there was a new verse.

What will today bring?


The Commander and chief is smeared!

Other chiefs scurrying for cover.

I am called to stand in the gap!


Integrity does not adhere to hoax

Popularity is not a jump from a bridge

I stand in the gap!


I am a Marine!

I am Army!

I am Air force!

I am Navy!


I am your gap!

I uphold the values!

Your hearts may waver, I won’t!