Processing loss

This walk is a stumble
Each step I trip
Over heartache
Of memories and wants
Knowing yet remembering
Each klutzy moment
Brings a fresh memory
As a whisper
A Breath of the past
My future is before me
My past clings
Causing another stumble
Yet I rise


You Can’t Tell

You Can’t tell

My gait is different.

Introspection obscured.

Confusion within

You can’t tell!


My gaze in the mirror

Mirror image haunts

Anxiety wells within

You can’t see


I am convinced

My difference will offend

Acceptance is a distant hope

You can’t understand


Muddled within

Grasping for acceptance

Mental irregular diagnosis

You can’t speak!


Why be the same?

Drummers beat,

Difference pounded

Acceptance Obscured.


Private moments

Are and should be private

Can’t tell

Can’t see


My acceptance

Begins with me

Walking the walk

Standing firm!


Truth rises within

Needing NO validation!

You can’t see.

What you do not know.


Understanding is strength

Hope rises from within!

Acceptance of Self!

Needs no outside Validation!


Truth is not challenged

By falsehood!

Grasping at straws of society

Only depletes reality.


Wisdom is knowing

My path is straight

The narrow of thinking

Does not destroy Me

Shattered by Christine Swiderski


Broken glass can be swept away

This is not so with a broken heart

Life pumps through each vein

Shattered shards protrude

Sneaking through any harsh words

Only to feel guilt from its quill

I promised myself not to be so shrill

Emotional fists speak for me

How dare anyone try to help me?

Nowhere is there a soul to understand

Walking in my shoes leave festered sores

Forgive, they say it easily enough

What doesn’t kill you makes you tough

Rhetoric only breathes contempt of cause

Leave me to my shattered state

Before my heart begins to hate

Let each piece find its place

As a stain glass piece of art

Ultimately I will not fall apart

In time it will all come together

Light will shine through me once again

That will be the time for me to begin


It used to be Dark


It used to be dark this time of day,

His life was slipping away

My heart slipped into the night

The abyss was calling for our souls

We held to our faith

Holding to each promise of life

Even in the darkness

Now he is gone,

Yet I still belong to him.

No wonder of this world can begin.

Until the savages of grief have passed.

Can I finally rise up from the ash?

As a phoenix from the abyss fly’s free.

I still need to live the breath given to me.

Turning each corner as I walk this earth,

I look for my moment of rebirth.

I know my love is not home alone.

He sees the images of my moan.

He never judges my steps forward.

Knowing this, my soul cries out,

My heart will never be morbid.

I am not really alone he is ever present.

Memories can guide our soul’s yearnings

My soul mate would never begrudge

I will be given a nudge in the right direction

I will always hope for my own perfection.

My prayer is to be granted a reprieve

Finding someone to love once again

Beginning a new journey to the end.

Smoke Ring

There is a brand upon my heart

Burned by others souls

The smoke ring burns its brand

Never letting me forget

Less is more in my future

your boots walked in standing firm

Boot scoot and shuffle my thoughts

Bringing danger into my heart

I refuse to linger on thoughts of you

Never wanting to tune another’s rues

your approach came in as thunder

Your boots upon my heart will plunder

There is a brand upon my heart

Burned by others souls

A smoke ring burns its brand

Never letting me forget

Remove those boots from my view

Gentler touch should be used

lean in with a subtle grin

Pass the beer let us begin

There is a brand upon my heart

Burned by others souls

A smoke ring burns its brand

Never letting me forget

Shower me with your silken touch

Slowly the brand will be washed

leaving a ghost of a ring

my heart will never again sing

There is a brand upon my heart

Burned by others souls

A smoke ring burns its brand

Never letting me forget

Time will tell if this is true

Or another dog day wasted

lingering kisses tasted

Brand me with passion

There is a brand upon my heart

Burned by others souls

A smoke ring burns its brand

Never letting me forget

Come on now

Let’s push into the plow

righting the wrong

Help me sing another song

Gather together halting my fear

never bring me another tear

Rope me in with your grin

Taste everlasting treasure

There is a brand upon my heart

Burned by others souls

A smoke ring burns its brand

Never letting me forget

Hearts of Discontent

Scream at me your discontent

Mark your foreheads

wrench your malice clothes

Bare your grievance with defiance

Burn the embers of bigotry

Show your souls darkness

Life matters yet only yours

Money is at the core

Shouts of blame fingers pointed

showing many are united

Yet the truth be known

Words are coerced

Ministers at pulpit bible and verse

Cheers of hallelujah rings out the chores

Inciting the forces, all are for us

empty burnt offerings raised

Children left without protection

Parents raise up an insurrection

Catharsis of emotions

Futility fans the flame of devotion

Defeat spurs next sermon

Participants lose revolutionary chide

Limitations of riots moral conundrum

When will victory come?

Beneath the discontent

A stirring will never be met

With victory with blood spent

Hollowed walls of anarchy

Reality of diversity

lies beneath the misery

listen to your heart

Never the speaker

Fist and wrath are not strength

Listening is not weaker

sharing values with your children

Will always be the place to begin

Finger pointing should be inward

before we shout our moral dilemmas

Work ethic with sweated brow

Calloused hands against the plow

Sit downs not sit in’s

Here is where it begins

Civics 101 needs teaching

One on one

Flames of Wrath

Flames of wrath enter the streets

Mayhem brought to store-keeps

Neighbor upon neighbor

Yielding their petulant discontent

Rights are theirs for peaceful discourse

One throws a punch another a bullet

Discourse turns cars upside down

fire ablaze hate then creeps

Fear of what is not known

Truth being hidden from citizens

media blazon miss direction

fans the flames of hate and bigotry

Leaders lead with flaming tongues

upholding the rational of the thug

Knowing better the law of the land

Instead they say “Yes you can”

Children with signs of hate

Parents spewing this is great

Lives matter to us all

Leaders must ring out a new call

Hold accountable leaders of violence

No longer allowing laws to be broken

Media’s words will be held to the light

Journal events no longer editorialize

A word to the wise among us

If you agree with me or not

Show by example

Love as you want to be loved

Those with the heart to love

Measure your words

Wait with your response

Peace is not passive

Peace comes to those who choose

Walking away from a fight

is an act of valor

Not a sign of cowardice

Stand your convictions

By volunteering where there is need

IF we all go by this creed

The shallow will eventually concede

By Christine Swiderski



Memories are a frame

Referencing good and bad

Walking through your mind

Each nook and cranny

Depicts the salt of the earth

You are made as an earthen vessel

Rejoice in the good and bad

Your pearl personality registers

Foibles and noble portions

Making each of us a snowflake

Different in appearance

Yet same within existence.

Dancing in the moonlight


Dancing in the moonlight

My heart is sweeping

Through memory of his arms

Drifting through the fog

His scent is left as a kiss

Twirling with the falling leaves

Howl in the distance

Caresses my heart

Dampness leaves my being

Warmth surges through my soul

Music wafts through the fog

Serenading my heart

I settle in upon his grave

Kissing the ground where he sleeps

One day across the rainbow bridge

we will meet to continue our dance

Life’s country road

Upon this country road
Life kicks up gravel
Sometimes merely pebbles
During those moments
Dust settles yet
Not the problem
Sifting sand of indecision
Creates mountains
Out of mole hills
Tilling the problem
Only creates tripping stones
Not stepping stones
Kick up some dust
Turn the corner
Don’t look back