In a Whisper

Within a whisper a child is born
The passion of lovers

In a whisper
Passion springs forth

Passions name determines their being
In a whisper their being whispers

The world responds to their souls
Continuing the ripple of whispers


Winter’s gift 

Softness of snow

Cheeks aglow

Laughter’s melody

A mercies tea

Snow balls thrown

A child is born

Stables ready

Angels steady

The call is made

For faith this day

A king is born

Yet some scorn

Truth be told

A virgins heart is bold

Rejoicing can be heard

Because of what occurred

Heaven has bestowed

The softness of snow

Onto us is given

A new life we should be livin

As a Whisper 


As a whisper, you adhere to limbs

the child in me wants angeld
you are the first of the seasonwritten in the snow

changing my landscape

letting me know

to be a child

Tip my head back

stick out my tongue

you will kiss it

with your cool moisture

I would not have noticed you

unless I looked for you

as love is in the air

your coolness is a breath 

of freshness

No howling today with winds a flurry

Just a whispered  touch

Brings brightness to the desolate limbs

as love brings hope to the heart.


Slippery Slope

Complacent citizenry

Corrupts the Congressperson

collecting a corrosive consensus 

Conceding their constitution

Contributing to corruption

Clearing the course

Collapsing the core

Consenting to Chaos


Treacherous steps

Falling into the shadows

Stepping forward becomes a stumble

Each memory stabs the soul

A new day still brings leaves of drifting pain

Broken promises harsh realities

Celebrating diverse predators claw

Yet millions of viewers begets applause

Empowering the treacherous evil hearts

devouring the innocent

feeding the hungry for fame

Each is a delicacy to make a name

Yet some run away maimed


Fall into Life

Leaves turn Brilliant

Seemingly die off

Rejuvenation is taking place

Readying to Burst 

A new life is hidden

Just below the surface

Love is swelling the belly

Mother’s love speaks

Soon to say hello

And hear the pitter patter

Of little Feet


Buck Chapter 3

Buck Chapter 3
I did not like keeping a secret from my parents but both Buck and I was worried they would not continue to pay for my schooling if they knew. One night when Buck came to see me my dad walked in my room.

Dad Yelled: “Buck if you think you are going to disgrace my daughter in my house you have another thing coming.”

Buck responded: “Sir we have been married for a month.”

My stomach stirred I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Damn I know it was not just nerves. My dad walked to the bathroom and closed the door.

I heard muffled conversation my hacking was too loud to make out what they were saying.

I came out my mom had brought up some tea Buck was sitting up in bed and asked: “Are you okay?”

“Yes, Buck I think I might be pregnant,” I said

Buck took in a breath; I crawled into bed and laid my head on his lap. He stroked my hair and said: “Don’t worry darlin we can make this work.”

The next morning instead of Buck crawling through the window we went down stairs my mom was making breakfast she knows how early a farmer needs to get up. Bless her heart dad came out blurry eyes sat down with a cup of coffee. His voice still sounded sleepy.

My mom was the first to speak: “You two kids, I don’t get why did you not trust us enough to tell us you were married let alone let us be a part of it?”

I said: “We were worried that you would be mad and not continue to pay for my schooling.”

My dad said: “We only want the best for you two. We knew since you were in middle school you two would be together. Buck knows how I feel about farming. It is a profession only real men can tolerate. I am proud he will continue his family’s tradition. I am proud you want to be a Vet. As a lawyer, I can well afford to pay for your college and we have the cottage on Gains road you two can have. Instead of Buck climbing through the window. The commute to the farm is closer.”

Mom said: “I will take care of the baby once it’s here while you are in school.”

Buck and I were amazed and grateful for their love and support. 

We moved into the cottage that following weekend. Now I had to be a wife which meant finding time to cook and clean and still do my homework. Bucks aunt was a blessing she would bring over casseroles and such for dinners, she made Buck lunch my biggest duty was breakfast and the first few months of my pregnancy eggs made me hurl. But I managed.

Winter came Buck was nervous about me driving my due date was April my stomach got in the way of the steering wheel when I dropped something I had to pick it up on an angle. Every night Buck spoke to our little boy his name is William Buck Karten.  I realize we will have our hands full if William will be the same free spirit as Buck. I sure hope he has more sense while he is growing up. 

I am saddened that Buck’s mom and dad don’t want to be apart of our lives they were fed up with Buck and his lawlessness as they called it. Buck’s Aunt Mary was more of a mom to Buck than his own mom. Some boys learn to be men in different ways and at different speeds. Buck tried to do everything a mach speed.


Buck Chapter 2

Buck Chapter 2
“Buck I got buck shot up my ass and it hurts like the dickens!” I protested

He laughed and said: “I will take you to my cousin Mitch he can take it out.”

I said: “He is a Veterinarian!”

Buck looked at me as he squirmed and drove, I did not sit my legs were aching but I refused to sit. 

“Here we are I will call to let him know why we are here and we can meet him in the office,” Buck said

Mitch came out shirtless in a pair of jeans shaking his head yelling: “Buck you son of a gun what have you gotten Morgan into now?”

While he was gently taking the buckshot out of my ass Buck told him what had happened. Mitch said: “Buck you need to settle down and decide what kind of man you are going to be. You are too big to be playing the fool. After a while, Morgan will figure out she can do better.”

I said: “That’s right Buck you have gone too far this time.”

I did not mean it he was my Buck I would probably put buckshot in another girls butt if she tried to step into my place with Buck. 

When I got home I showered and went right to bed. I placed a pillow under my knees hoping it would lift the bottom portion of my bottom off of the mattress. 

Buck did not call the next day. I was surprised and angry at myself. I should not have said what I did. It was a week before 

I called Mitch and asked if he had heard from Buck he said: “No, give him some time Morgan his behind was bruised as well as his ego. He will come around.”

I know he was right but I was worried I was too harsh. My dad asked: “Did you and Buck have a beef? I haven’t seen the dust stirred up in a while.”

I work for and with Mitch, I will be starting Veterinary school this fall, for me, I know it’s a calling I can’t imagine, not knowing what your life work should be. I am guessing and hoping Buck is taking this time to figure things out for himself. 

It was two weeks before I heard from Buck, I had already gone to bed when I heard a tap at my bedroom window. Buck was sitting on a tree limb just outside my window. I opened the window and popped the screen out to let him in. 

He climbed through the window and climbed into my bed we held each other and whispered:

“Morgan I have decided what I want to do with myself it doesn’t make much money and it will be a hard life but I can’t imagine doing anything else. I want to farm. My uncle Mason and I have talked it over since Mitch is doing what he loves Uncle Mason wants the farm to go to the family. I will be that family. I have been working it with him on and off since I was old enough to drive a tractor. These past two weeks I have been doing it full time. That means we will not have as much time to get into trouble. That may be a plus no more buckshot.” Buck said

“Well Buck I love that you want to farm once I get my degree I can take care of the livestock and critters we could make a team. I love you, Buck.” I said

“Morgan I love you and I meant it when I said I wanted to marry you. After you finish school we will get married.” Buck said

“I want to marry you Buck but I don’t want a fancy wedding not even a barn wedding how about we get married and not tell anyone just you and me, Gloria and Jason as our witnesses,” I said

“How about doing it before you go to school? I can sneak away telling Uncle Mason I have an appointment and I can meet you at the court house.” Buck said

We were married on a Tuesday and did not tell anyone just yet. School started on Thursday. I have to drive one hour a day to and from it will be a long 4 years I already have my Bachelors degree so now I just need to finish Veterinary school.


Busy days 

Dadwithoutpaws had surgery on his foot. Today Momwithoutpaws and I have to visit our elders and do all the errands dadwithoutpaws usually does. 

Also I might be able to do home visits. Momwithoutpaws did an article about a man who carves wood. His name is Bob. Bob won a gold metal for his King Arthur’s Castle. Bob’s wife has Dementia. Bob wants to meet me first. I will win him over. 

This is Camelot 


Wine glass 

Wine glass
Clear with a ring to it
Lips leave an imprint
Edge crisp nearly cutting
Drawing it’s blood like elxyir
Fermented reasoning
Draws you deep into its grasp
Will this hold last.
Breath steams a song and dance
Is this love or one night chance