Past regrets

I looked through the screen
Of my regrets,
Assemblance of its virtues.
The remembrance was obscured
Through my tears of regret.
I should have accepted more.
I could have laughed more.
I would have loved more.


Whiskey reflection

His voice was ruff whiskey
As was his soul,
No gravel would change either,
His enemies took the toll.
As the wind swept his soul,
He needed more control.
A carbine was out of the question,
His faith would lose its luster.
Again he looks to the solace of
a sip of the common muster.
Within the blurred vision,
The truth finally arose,
His enemy was his own.
A familial soul is known as self,
He needed to look past the solace
Of the golden hue.
Tomorrow again he made the pledge
Of what he needed to do.


He came in from the field, his face was dirt smudged sweat. He took his hat off with one move slapping his thigh sending dust out behind him as his tired stride took him to the porch where he removed his boots revealing dirt stained socks. As he let out a breath of relief his wife placed a cold beer against his redneck. They both have a passion for the earth and the work.

Stone rolled back

It’s a empty cave,
Not a game,
Nor a grave,
But an empty tomb,
We are invited in,
For the challenge.
Dripping graving,
Life is making,
Strutting obstacles
Brimming with Grace
The last lap ,
Of our race,
Proves the Resurrection
Is real!


Entry into soiled hearts
Triumphant entry
Is conceived after death
Giving up self
Creates a marriage
Two souls conjoined
Fronds of love
Waved at the Husband
Life is the reception
Marriage made in heaven.

I strive to see

I strive to see,
At times the bell rings its
While other times
Prayers pronounce,
Darkness taunts hope’s
Prevailing sentiment,
Empowers hope.
Those who arise to shine,
Embrace truth.