Changes in our WOrld


The world burst through the gates

Sending indiscriminate chaos

What was once tranquility,

Has spirited into Abyss


Leaving spoils of broken promises

Unfinished business

Clean the foothills of debris

New Year’s set this Free


Ready your hearts

With rich labyrinth

Of truth and integrity

Never again falling back


Into the disheveled false

Where relics of the penal times

Arson as common place

As murder in our towns

Become renewed

In body and mind

A gift from within

Your heart wrapped


Not in paper which

Diminished the gift

Instead adorned with

Love, truth and faith


Give this heartily

Through the year

No agenda’s giving way

Only honest integrity of hearts



bringing cheer


Ornate decorations

Fill the halls

With traditional

Tinsel in the malls

What shall we buy

To lift a spirit

Candles to light

as presents delight.

Winds of change

Begin with a new year

Hoping loved ones

Would be near

Shall we dance and prance

Or hope for chance?

Nay we pray

For those who are

Afar off

Bring near their cheer

Those we hold dear.


Heart of gold

Hearts.....Thank you all for pining. #CharmnJewelry

Is it about white, green;

Yellow , gold or black?

Nay it is heart in nature.

When others see what is there?


Is it dark or grey shadowed,

By choices you have made.

Reflecting your heart,

Decisions cause shadows.


Others see a reflection

Of what you do.

As a mirrors image

Look closely what do they see?


Brilliant man said

A man is judged by

The integrity of his heart

Do they see light or darkness?


Is the mirror image backwards?

Are you being judged wrongly?

How to change the mirror image

Others see, to see clearly

Your heart is of gold?


Let all hearts be judged

By the gold or the dark.

Truth reigns in the heart,

Judgments to be made accordingly.

Memories of the season


Monday out my north window winter 4000x3000

Silent snow out my window

Gathering of wood for warmth

Memories of ginger bread cookies

Smell of bread baking are seared

In my soul for a life time

Wet socks and wool after play

Chatter and laughter stories being told

Each one getting bolder and louder

Enchanting thoughts swirl in my head

Gifts of memories cherished

Shall I regret a bruised ego?

From the snowball hitting my shoulder

Ney these were the days of splendor

Tormenting each other with snow

I shall never let this memory go.

Snowmen and angels sweep

Across the landscape with foot prints

Marking the artistic play

Where is that carrot and coal

To make it look as if with a soul.

Magic of the season

Is in the memories shared

Shall I want for more?

Ney this is the best of life

Memories given and shared.

Voices singing carols

Float through the air

Soon Christmas will be here

Silent night will be shared

Tinsel and trimmings everywhere

Let us not be weary of loving

Nor voicing merry Christmas

Peace to all the coming year

Hope of joy filling all with cheer

The greatest love is to care

Santa the reason?

oh, this is great.  ::: how to have a stable christmas from @Kristen Welch

Wonderment in the air

Santa is nearer I hear

He was first thought

To bring things to only good

Yet even those who are bad

Receive and are glad

We are forgiven

When we are given

The greatest gift of the season

Tis the true reason

For this special season

The first king size bed

Was filled in a shed

Some call a manger

We can disagree

If need be

But love is near

When we can cheer

Anytime of the year.



oh, this is great.  ::: how to have a stable christmas from @Kristen Welch


sliver of the morning moom.JPG

Skies soft glowing light time for reflection

Twilight’s gift given hues

Light holding it’s own reflection

Holding off obscurity

Ambiguity clings

Atmosphere of change

Fraught with decline

Doubts its strength



A trees season

pine in the snow

A tree is a thing of beauty

Each branch is spaced

Holding its arms out


Reaching for light

Nutrients to its roots

From deep within is growth


Each tree decorates itself

With each season

Weather changes its appearance


Let this season of joy

Peace bring a song

To each branch


Feeding it throughout

The year and beyond

Its beauty remains


To share these changes

For all to enjoy

Let peace come from the root


Let joy water from above

As love fills its being

Strength will remain