Ass fault

New Ass fault

Asphalt Is a foundation

not in relation

to a woman in any manner

Men have to garner

Fear is never a fault

this belongs to a relative

called San Andreas

Men are all connected

Power struggle comes

Mostly from ignorance

superiority of species

fault triggers not understood

It’s within his hood

cultivated by bravado

Destroyed by the macho

In the end who’s at fault

It’s never the Gault

disappearing is weak

when freedom you seek


A Star is Born

A star is born

A star is born when a soul leaves this earth

setting their brilliance in the expanse

Believe in the one who created the earth

Inhabitants await from birth

To set their mark

Our steps lead us either to darkness

or continue to be a bright light in the darkness

A star is born when a soul leaves this earth

showing their soul was of the light

Impacting the darkness

That raised havoc

when they walked this earth

Look to the heavens all ye who are created

rejoice in knowing what lies ahead

A star is born when a soul leaves this earth



Each day was an adventure

petticoats filling and obscuring

twirl and swoop with a hoop

laced up dresses, button shoes

lace, cotton, silk of a lady

Men tipped a hat

kissing a hand

saying howdy mam

Doors opened, you first dear

men walked to the left

protecting women from projectiles

From horse to buggy

soon automobile

Gentler times

don’t seem real

Gone with the wind

Scrub on hands and knees

dishes washed by hand

always wear a wedding band

Loss at an early age

Baby bunting didn’t save

Less interference from the capital

turn the other cheek

They believed still

Old fashion values at its core

yet man and woman wanted more

Looking for more convenience

trading each idea one step at a time

fast forward to the present day

Have values faded away?

Can we mix the old with the new?

Or is it no longer our purview?

Each dialogue seems more off putting

Polar opposite is part of the footing

Sifting sand slides us under

How have we put all good asunder?

Melancholy thoughts of the good ol days

Will always be our romantic phrase

Progress takes and gives I fear

Anger management we need to adhere

No mutual respect is in effect

Politically correct is what they collect

Each issue being part and parcel

leaving citizens with barely a morsel

Fear and resentment is now the norm

Neighborhood watches need to be formed

Within the mix, there seems to be a fix

either side cannot confide

What is the answer that should form?

holding those in power to a higher standard

Raising our children in a genteel manner

Love thy neighbor is not a religious cause

It should be renewed with applause

Trust, integrity become a cornerstone

No longer shrug the atlas deceit

Promises always shall we keep

A man’s word is his name

This we should never feign

Let’s bring back the good ol days

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Hot Summers Day

Hot summers Day

Moist skin glistens in the heat

I pop an ice cube in my mouth

hoping for refreshment

beneath my breasts sweat forms

Running my hands underneath

re-leaving the discomfort

only briefly

Children’s laughter can be heard

Splashing taunts of Marco Polo

Chilled sweet tea

Only tantalizes my taste buds

Dreamy thoughts drift through

my mind swirls with thoughts of sex

Bodies adhere to each other

Mingling their sweat

Skinny dipping would be a pleasure

Missing in this dream is a lover

Stepping out of the shade

awareness of someone peering

Smile etched upon his face

I return the invitation

Being neighborly is not over rated

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In the Crevices

In the crevices

Delving into tho the crevices of the deep.

Creatures emerge which seem colorfully exotic.

Yet in the deep waters, you believe you are safe.

The predators lurk beyond the bright coral.

Believing their darkness is beyond your receptor.

The pitch in your heart emits and determines your need.

You relate only to this need.

No other can exceed ultimate goal of destruction

Prayers and Lamentations stands

Where shall I go from here? Is my choice

yet I hear the carol of voice

Which cries out for me to gain wisdom

Challenging the darkness of my choices

Dragging me back to the peaceful thinking

Even if it means me kicking and screaming

The prayers of love are a chain

Either to drag me back or I chose to feign.

Thus the dance starts again.

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When I first meet someone I like to look in their eyes. I try to engage them in a conversation with the express purpose to make them laugh. A laugh speaks volumes as to how free their heart is. First time I met Stan his eyes were pleasant his laugh was easy and quick.

Stan emitted confidence and strength. His male pitch was deep and sexy. My female receptors were zeroed in on the target. Within a week we had set up a date and time to meet for dinner. I was not ready to tell him where I live.
I came just on time dressed in a white cotton easy flowing sundress. Strappy sandals and a small sling purse. He looked elegant in his beige cotton twill slacks, short sleeve cream knit shirt. My eye focused on his belt buckle. I quickly diverted my eyes, looking directly at him and smiled. His eyes told me he noticed my interest. His grin told me he had the same thoughts.
We were seated at our table. We both ordered the salmon special. While we waited we sipped on wine and talked about our day. The conversation slowly became personal. Who we dated before. Who did the breaking up? Stan leaned in and whispered in my ear “Would you consider having desert across the street” I nodded and smiled. As our entrees were placed before us I looked through the window across the street at the Sheridan. I had never been there before and always wondered if it is as swanky as people had said.
We ate slowly sharing bits and pieces of our past. Slowly it started to dawn on me I was the one giving information. Stan, on the other hand, was being very cautious and generic. A chill ran up my spine. My attraction to him turned cold. He must have noticed. He reached across the table and took my hand. He asked if something was the matter. I lied and told him my stomach was upset and I needed to go to the ladies room. I walked unsteadily towards the front of the restaurant to the ladies room. When I reached the door of the ladies room I glanced over my shoulder Stan was looking in a different direction. I quickly left the restaurant. Ran to my car and went straight home.
As I told all this to the police officer he took notes nodding once in awhile. After I had finished my dissertation he flipped his notepad closed with a quick snap. He said “You were smart not to go with him. I would suggest since he does not know where you live, stay home a few days from work until we catch him.”
I would never have believed Stan would be capable of such brutality. He ended up with our waitress after I left. She had felt sorry for him. They ended up at the Sheridan. The cleaning crew found her body, in the shower cut up in pieces, like someone does to a chicken.
I am glad I listened to my gut when things went south.

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I have done dark

I have done dark

Not dangerous yet at the fringe

grasping at reality nonexistent

wanting peace and love

Choices I make, make me

roller-coaster ride is what I need

The high of conflict is desirable

My relativity is half full

Needing the bad

Hoping for the good

I am not the person

In the hood

Conflict much to my chagrin

parents grieve my loss

opposite of boring

those who love are in mourning

What then is the end?

Needle in the hay stack

Is their and my worse fear

It is near

No outreach can come near

Politicians grin near

disingenuous is the plague

as my yearning is vague

The indigenous pot

has no handle to be grasped

Answer is in the air

swiftly shifting with those who care

What is the answer I dare?

Please wisdom do share.

Love me despite if you care.
Yet enablers beware.

My last tear

My last tear

There are times in your life which define the rest of your life, if you let it. My husband was in the military. He was sent to Russia for a reason he could not discuss. In one of his letters, he described a street: “The street is a throwback to the old days. When you would want to mail a letter you would put it in an envelope take it to a letter box to send it off. As you walk along aroma of cabbage drifts through the streets as a plastic bag floats by and sticks to the curb. In the summer the tar heats and it’s odor mixes with the cabbage.” I cry when I read these letters for the 100th time wishing they had sent him to the United Kingdom instead. He would have been safer describing the aroma of Kipper instead of tar and Cabbage.

Josh was there a short time before a thief took his life. Sergei his name was, thought Josh had American dollars which was worth much more than the Ruble.

I sit here reading these letters and looking through old photos. The old saying “A picture speaks a thousand words” many times is very true. I have in my hand a photograph of my parents. The title is ‘Our Escape‘ There was an oar lying next to the picnic table they were sitting at. The table had a red gingham checked table cloth. What looked like fried chicken, potato salad, and a bottle of wine. A sign to the right of them said ‘no alcoholic beverages passed this point’ I laughed when I saw the sign. I never took my parents to be rebels. On the ground near my mom’s ankle was a grasshopper. This too made me laugh knowing how mom hated any kind of bugs. If she knew it was there she would not be smiling, she would be standing next to the fried chicken on the picnic table.

When I need a remedy for my doldrums, I pull out the family album and it never fails to cheer me up. Josh and I were only married 2 years. I wish I had more photos of him. I am not so sure looking at photos would keep me from my grief I still feel.

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Open Door

Walking through the door

Open in mind and spirit

Ready to experience life

On the other side of this door

Perplexity is maneuvered

Not always manageable

Thoughts are diverse

ideals immersed, wants not needs

Anger springs from declaration

Rightful disbursements

A drummer of a different song

Its melody is violently harsh

Doctrines myth imposed

Advancing assault one nation at a time

Righteous indignation bellowing it’s cause

Woes wailing out bigotry notions

Choosing proselytes with anger issues

Infectious mantra stirs anger

Carrying out savage rights of passage

Stop this epidemic

Vetting each person entering the door.


Drive through anger

How does a person decide to purposefully hurt someone else? We live in a world that gives us instant gratification. Drive through windows which offer delectable salty foods. As we sit in our vehicles we are annoyed because it is still taking too long.
Quite possibly the person in the truck behind you has decided on the egg McMuffin and coffee. He has also decided to use his truck as an instrument of destruction.
We are told to be tolerant. Yet you cannot teach nor tell someone how to love. Good neighbors respect boundaries, appreciating privacy. Too often respect is a distant memory. Privacy has been annihilated, replaced with search and seizure with no boundaries.
A group of people who stand on the principle of peace and love takes to the streets disrespecting humanity. Blowing up all possibility of love thy neighbor.
Gruesome as this is, there is still another group who protests against racism, they have become what they protest.
Let us not lose sight of the group who try to evangelize the world. Their crusade is historical. Within this group, there is a faction which will step over the line of propriety at a funeral of a fallen hero spewing out their hate.
When did we become so self-important? Did it start with the trophies which honor participation? Are you special because your anger destroys and disrespects life?
This abomination is on our doorsteps. Politicians play their instrument of corruption creating the problem, at the same time bellowing they are the solution.
Vigilance is needed to thwart this cancer within our society. Call out the liars, speak the truth in love. Let’s take our country back.