The Reason – poem

The Reason-Poem

Why are we here within the realm

the universe can go on without us

we are part of the Eco system

caring for the garden

as we forge our way

through the vines of life

hacking away at foliage

which hinders our wants

instead of tending to the needs

never harming just tilling

leaving behind healthy soil

for another to come and plant

our lives making this a better place.

A word spoken in haste

can pull healthy growth

as well as weeds

let us then consider as we putter

in this garden of life

tend the garden

as if our lives depended upon it


2 thoughts on “The Reason – poem

  1. I practically live in my I understand, can relate to every word you have written here. Nature is my faith..the gardens my church.
    Hi Bestie! Happy TGIF to you!!!

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    • to you also- have to put finishing touches to the last chapter of the book. Started the layout of the book on Blurb. Have the cover and chapters 1-2 laid out. still need to do chapters 3-6 . The 6th chapter is the last chapter of the book. phew it is work


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